David M. Last


On average, I should spend 40 percent of my time on teaching, 40 percent on research, and 20 percent on service. This last category includes committee work and support to the institution, as well as time spent on the administrative requirements of being a public servant.  Here I list only some of the services on which I regularly spend time.

Secretary, International Society of Military Sciences

As Secretary to the International Society of Military Sciences I am responsible for records of the Council meetings, the web site, and correspondence, and for continuity between the rotating national presidents, who are based in the institutional members hosting each annual conference.  I also maintain connections with the business groups of the Society—research centres, librarians, and journal editors.  The secretary is appointed for three years renewable, and the Council meets twice a year, usually in March and during the annual conference in October or November.

Curriculum comparison and Evaluation

As a former registrar of RMC, having visited defence universities and military academies in more than a dozen countries, I can help to compare and evaluate curricula and military education programs.  I have supported or led external evaluations for the  School of Military Science, University of Namibia, Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University, Finnish National Defence University, and Escola Naval, Portugal.

Course equivalencies

I’m responsible for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), determining course equivalencies for political science courses at RMC. Often this includes assessment of the academic content of military courses and programs.

If you are trying to get a political science credit for a course you have taken at a different institution, you will need to apply for a transfer credit through the registrar’s office. They will need at least a course description and preferably a full syllabus or course outline.  I can usually give you a quick answer about whether a request will be successful.

Student references

I am always happy to write student references. Please give me some advance notice, particularly at busy times of the year like September, November, and March. Tell me what the reference is for, and provide a link to the criteria or forms that I will need to complete the reference. If it has been a while since we last spoke, give me an updated CV and tell me why you’re applying for this program or position.

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David Last, CD, PhD

Associate Professor, Political Science

Royal Military College of Canada

Call: +1(613)532-3002