Welcome. Get settled. Get connected. Review the syllabus. Think about how politics impacts your life, your community, and your future. What can you access in your community, where you are, which will allow you to explore some aspects of society, government, and politics?

Download a PDF copy of the syllabus here.

Course Overview

There are three parts to the course. You will learn about society, government, and politics, and apply these ideas to your professional life and challenges that you may encounter. In this overview, I give you five diagrams which help you to think about the major interactions which we will study over the semester. 

How to succeed

You can get a high mark in this course if you work for it. It is important because it may be used to evaluate your eligibility for a masters program, which you will need for promotion beyond the rank of Major. Watch this short video about how to ace all your assignments and prepare for the exam. 

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